NFT is a new type of digital asset that has recently become a hot topic in the blockchain community.
NFT certifies that digital assets are unique by certifying that they cannot be replicated with non-fungible tokens, a unit of data stored in the blockchain.
And there is a valid argument that it can potentially increase the value of non-replicable true digital works with completely transparent ownership, though the concept of true digital ownership is still new. But what if you could do something profitable and fun with NFT besides just owning it?
Now, NFT GRANDERBY will dominate the market.
NFT GRANDERBY is the first decentralized blockchain-based racehorse platform to join millions of racehorse enthusiasts in a community that can buy and breed NFT horses, participate in a race by buying NFT jockeys, and host races in your own racetracks.
NFT GRANDERBY is a combination of game and horse racing, two hugely growing multi-billion-dollar markets, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologie