A New Legend to be Recorded in a New World

NFT GRANDERBY aims to enable horses, jockeys and spectators to keep in tune together and have more fun. You can own your horse at any time, interact with your own horses and raise the next generation of horses. A good assistant and jockey will help your horse perform well in the race. Many spectators will watch your horse and empathize and support it.
The horses here are based on the data of some great horses, but there is no way to confirm their authenticity. You can only guess that they are descendants of them by looking at the excellent horses. NFT GRANDERBY is a place where reality and fantasy coexist, so the glory of the past should be left behind, and now a generational change is necessary.
A new legend to be recorded in a new world! Discover the horses that will become great stars and develop them to become the new Generation Zero of the Metaverse racehorse.

A Huge Demand for the Play-To-Earning Games

The boundaries between gaming as leisure and profit-making activity have already become blurred. However, there are few games in the market right now that offer users a chance to earn decent money. We believe there is a huge opportunity in the gaming market with P2E capabilities. You can participate in the race and earn profits from here.

Shift to the Digital Ecosystem

NFT GRANDERBY meets huge demand in two separate multi-billion-dollar markets. There is a huge niche market that the lack of games with play-to-earn capabilities and an ecosystem shift for the horse racing market. NFT GRANDERBY aims to be an online horse racing platform with modern graphics, various gameplay possibilities, and most importantly, blockchain.
NFT GRANDERBY is a decentralized blockchain-based racehorse platform that allows you to purchase, nurture and breed NFT horses, and making profits with jockeys and operating racetracks.
One of the core user experience philosophies of NFT GRANDERBY is to provide users with a variety of easy and instant ways to make profits. The game has many activities that users can make profits from. You can make profits with NFT horses, jockeys, and tracks. Along with the revenue from the race, you can get additional revenue by broadcasting the race on various platforms.

Interesting Gameplay

Predictable results and boring gameplay are what causes most gamers to stop playing the game in the first week of play. The result of the race may change depending on the condition or trend of the horse on the day of the match. It creates unpredictability and offers infinite possibilities for the outcome of user actions.
These technologies combined with NFT create unforgettable gaming experiences that never seen before on any other platform or game.
NFT GRANDERBY is a combination of game and horse racing, a hugely growing multi-billion-dollar market, integrated with blockchain and NFT technologies.