Game Platform

Key Features
NFT GRANDERBY is the best blockchain-based total horse racing platform where you can buy NFT horses and nurture, breed and participate in the race with them, put your own jockeys on a horse, and hold races on your own racetrack.
NFT GRANDERBY was produced by analyzing data from horse racing for more than two years in collaboration with a horse racing prediction company. We calculate and accumulate race results per furlong (200m) based on a variety of data to produce race results, providing the most realistic race simulations. The race simulator runs the race by simulating it in 1/100 second on the race simulation server when the race starts.
NFT GRANDERBY has been optimizing horse racing games based on more than 3 years of service experience on PC, mobile and WebGL. It is still being serviced in 135 countries around the world and hundreds of thousands of horses are racing every day and every minute, accumulating data in real time.